Ivan lays out a peaceful leagal plan to expose corruption and set right wrongs done in 5 main areas with the Speaker Trump Initiative. This unconvential lawfensive strategy will be the best legal peaceful means to address 5 major issues. 

1. CCP systematically destroying the US economy on several fronts facilitated by the complicit Biden Administration, and the downstream effects of that. 

2. Medical Tyranny that every American has been subjected to, forced administration of experiamental shots with get-pricked-or-get-out policy’s across the workforce. 

 3. Big Tech Censorship – Preventing citizens and leaders from communicating vital information impeding America from having an informed electorate. 

4. Real Story of what happened on Jan 6 – Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence unilaterally preventing our elected representatives from addressing a constitutional crisis in real time. 

 5. Remedy the illegally certified election which lead to our country’s current compromised state.

Deep State Marauding